We Should Be Thankful for the New FDNY Social Media Guidelines


Last week, fellow Voice scribe Nick Greene gave us the lowdown on social media informalities for Facebook. Can you post pictures of your vacation? No, please don’t. How about your political views? Stop, nobody cares. And what about a job promotion? Ugh. You get the picture.

These standards of Internet presence are raised for governmental officials (see: Anthony Weiner). Municipal figures are held to a much higher regard in our social community; therefore, their opinions are taken more seriously in the public eye. And you represent our collective body politic, so you better act like it online.

Last month, the EMT son of FDNY Commissioner Sal Cassano was caught by the New York Post tweetin’ up a racist storm. He jeered at minority groups from his computer/phone keyboard, not keeping in mind that, hey, his dad is the head of the FDNY. Also, it was later found that other EMTs were posting pictures of (and then berating) their patients online.

Enter the FDNY’s social media guidelines announced this weekend, in which the department advises its workers to have some decency (read: no racism allowed) online.

Here’s a more recent example:

Edmund Schneider is 71 years old and recently retired from the FDNY. He draws a $1,500 pension from the city every month, and sells “FDNY Retiree” T-shirts from his site. On that site, he also said some really dumb shit that, as a former FDNY official and human being, he probably shouldn’t be saying.

@FDNYRetiree (also @FDNYRetired) was in charge of this “anti-Obama anti-libtard” blog. There, he posted a bunch of things about “Negroes,” “Mooslims” and “fags.” Gothamist collected a few from the original Post article that are just …

  • “Politically correct imbeciles decided to grant the ‘mostly female Negro’ 911 dispatchers virtually lateral access to the ‘mostly white male’ FDNY dispatch force. And they destroyed it!”
  • “Of First Lady Michelle Obama, he snipes, “The Mooch sure as hell has a big, fat ass! And it’s black, too.”
  • “Negroes commit by FAR the bulk of the violent crime in the United States. But why? Simple, really, it’ something called a ‘FAMILY,’ — which is foreign to the average Negro, who lives in a household run by a ‘mammy ho’ who pumps out kids like a bunny for welfare checks.”

So let us come together, hold hands and be thankful that the FDNY’s social media guidelines will immediately go into effect. Deciding what to post on the Internet isn’t that hard, you guys.