And The Queen Of NYC Nightlife Is…


Swiss miss Susanne Bartsch.

Still? Yes, after all these years, Ms. Bartsch still draws the fabbies and whooshes them into a creatively rich experience that propels them into the after-hours like space rockets with accessories. And with her own sylphlike body and ethereal outfits, she totally looks the part of the hostess from the lunar-coastess.

Picture this:

She hosts “Catwalk” on Thursdays at Marquee, where human art pieces loom from the upper level at the crowd, who actually dress for the theme!

She and Kenny Kenny do the long-running two-level dance party at Greenhouse on Sundays, called “Van Dam,” the energy of which has been indomitable.

On Tuesdays, she does a loungey soiree at the Soho Grand, which has gotten so popular people barely have room to keep their hats on. Every week, stylist Joey Arias entrances the crowd with his song interpretations, and last night, Leo Gugu served some Rodgers & Hart with a heaping of soul.

And guess what? Starting this summer, Bartsch will resume her Tuesday night “On Top” party at the Standard, which she told me might well span three whole upper regions of the hotel this year. (The Boom Boom Room, Le Bain, and the rooftop.) Bartsch said she’ll be doing the sprawling to-do with a different creative team than last summer, and that everyone can go from her Soho Grand thing to the Standard for a full night of fun.

Sounds like some fun Bartsch-hopping, but what about Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday? (Van) Dammit!