Big K.R.I.T. Enlists Future and 9th Wonder For New Project


It’s the return of forever… again. K.R.I.T. is fresh out of the studio and gearing up for yet another mixtape release entitled K.R.I.T. Despite virtually no radio support and a small budget at his disposal Young Krizzle has managed to keep from being swallowed up by Def Jam’s extensive roster of trap stars by releasing a steady pace of emotive, timeless music. Where many of his peers flood the Internet with product all year, K.R.I.T. usually drops just one, maybe two projects annually and then checks back into the studio to carefully craft the next opus.

As a result the gap in quality of his music compared to more assembly-line styled projects is glaring. For him though, it’s a careful balancing act of quality and quantity, preacher and pimp. It’s a tough side to convey unless you’re naturally both saint and sinner. Lucky for us K.R.I.T. is both. Lucky for him, many of his constituents can relate. We caught up with K.R.I.T. to talk about his new, impeccable mixtape, which is out today. Go get K.R.I.T.

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Man, “The Vent” is approaching 3 million views, “Country Shit” is almost at 7 million… Things are looking good.
It’s exciting, man. But you know it don’t stop.

Of course not. So tell me about the latest and greatest?
King Remembered In Time. It’s just me showing growth, things I’ve learned in life and my journey. It’s also a reflection of how I’ve grown musically, especially my production. I like to show growth in my music because that’s the natural way of things, to grow.

So did you work with any other producers?
I originally wanted to work with other producers but, aside from 9th Wonder, I still didn’t get to work with the bulk of producers I wanted to work with this go round. It’s never intentional, just organic. If I do a record with another producer I’m not going to put it on the album unless the vibe and the feel is right. 9th just happened to work out like that. That’s why it made the project because the soul, it made sense. I don’t just search out artists to do a song.

What’s one of those organic collabos that some of your fans might be surprised about?
I got a song with Future that’s going to be crazy in the club I think. I have a song with Wiz and Smoke Dza. I just make music people can relate to and that just feels right.

How can you tell when it’s right?
It’s just one of those things. Like the Future record, all I could hear was Future on it. It wasn’t conscious effort. I did that record, but it’s still the same vein. I’m not steering away from “Country Shit,” or “I Got This Here” They’re going to feel it in the car and in the club and when they see me perform it.

You’ve had a tough performance or two, but you got through it. Does performing still fuck with your nerves?
Yes, absolutely. The hardest thing about performing to me is my nerve. I get nervous because I want the show to go so well. Especially if it’s a promo thing where you perform for people who may not know your music so you have to push through. Sometimes I pretend like its 5000 people and they all rapping along to my music.

Why do that?
Because it’s easy to lose confidence if you get mad or you’re too animated and people aren’t responding to it. I think people can tell when you’re enjoying yourself and you’re into it or they can tell when you’re putting on an exaggeration of yourself.

So last time we spoke you said you were on your way overseas for the first time. How did that go?
We ran through Europe. We did London, Paris, Amsterdam, Sweden… just being able to see people’s response and seeing people turnt up because they know the records, it’s amazing just to see. I never would have imagined I’d be able to go overseas and get that type of love.

Let me ask you this before you go: How do you feel about a few rappers saying people shouldn’t give away so much free music as it deters fans from actually buying albums?
Well, how I got in this position was giving away free music. It’s one of those things that come with the territory. In between projects while you’re working on the album you got to put out work to keep people anticipating the album and just checking for your music in general.

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But you seem to pace yourself more and release music at a much more methodical pace. True?
It’s still one of those things for me where if my name is attached it has to be a certain level of quality so I take my time with my mixtapes and my albums. We haven’t dropped anything really since June because I still shoot videos, tour, and come up with concepts and all that whether it’s a mixtape or an album. To me, even nowadays, it’s still quality over quantity.

Big K.R.I.T.’s mixtape is available for download today.

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