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Perhaps you felt a bit faint during Tristan Sturrock’s swooningly romantic turn as the male lead in Kneehigh Theatre’s Brief Encounter, which played New York in 2010. Likely, Sturrock did, too. It’s something of a miracle that he played that role at all: In 2004, he fell off a wall, broke his neck, and nearly died. Sturrock has 
already chronicled a portion of this adventure on Frankenspine: Tales of My Big Break, but now he arrives at St. Ann’s warehouse with this solo show follow-up, Mayday Mayday, which charts his accident and the efforts to save him from paralysis, including a risky operation that would solder titanium bolts into his neck. His wife, Katy Carmichael, five months pregnant at the time of his accident, directs this spine-tingling event.

Mondays-Sundays, 8 p.m. Starts: April 16. Continues through April 22, 2013