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Eterniday: Fantasy Island


Missed out on spring break? Ready to spend a few sun-drenched afternoons on an island drinking Châteauneuf-du-Pape and eating tarte tatin while waiting for romance? Then Eterniday, Witness Relocation’s new dance-theater piece (now running at La MaMa), may be just what you need. With a nonlinear text by Charles Mee that’s as light as soap bubbles, and a production by director-choreographer Dan Safer full of bumping and grinding, Eterniday offers whimsical snapshots of desire as it strikes the hearts of successive couples.

Intermingled with all the intermingling are a couple of amateur philosophers’ musings on clouds, café society, and the plight of Chris Brown and Rhianna—plus, via video projection, accounts from a learned sage of distant, possibly utopian lands. This parade of abstract longing feels tentative whenever the dancing stops, but Safer occasionally counters the lovestruck delightfulness with a few (too brief) darker moments. The most engaging component is also the most aggressive: a brief, thumping strobe-lit sequence in which precious lovers transform into preying beasts who look like Goya creatures on ecstasy. If you visit this genteel garden of lovers’ fancies, you’ll find plenty of postcard-worthy aphorisms—as well as a dose of tropical fun.

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