Is Nutella The Devil’s Work?


It would seem so from the description of it in a new book called Obsessed–America’s Food Addiction–And My Own by Mika Brzezinki.

Nutella, of course, is the famous spread made from hazelnuts, skim milk, and cocoa. Karl Lagerfeld reportedly worships it. Editors, actors, pilots, everyone on earth practically wants to mainline it.

Even the author herself admits she shamelessly adores the stuff.

But she adds that a couple of tablespoons of Nutella have as many calories as a Three Musketeers bar! What’s more, there’s been a class action suit filed by parents who feel misled by Nutella’s claims to be a healthy breakfast spread for kids to put on toast. (I guess in lieu of an M&M omelette or Twizzlers pancakes).

Horrors! Still, Mika downed an entire jar of the stuff one night, but she later realized it was in an Ambien haze. That must be why I performed a similar stunt, eating a Nutella crepe at the Standard last year!

Oh, what can you do? Nothing but open wide. But as we’re doing so, maybe Nutella should change their ad campaign to say, “No, it’s not all that healthy, and yes, it’ll turn you into a giant pig. But it’s good, isn’t it?”