Beth Ditto Is Coming To XL! Here’s Our Chat


Powerhouse singer and lovable bohemian Beth Ditto is coming to xl this Saturday, where she’ll blaze across the stage and belt out her best-known songs, including “I Wrote The Book,” “Move in the Right Direction,” and “Get a Job.”

In a phoner yesterday, Beth filled me in on what her performance will consist of.

Hi, Beth. You’ll love xl. It’s very sleek and state-of-the-art. So you’ll do your hits?

Yes. And a cover song. I asked people on Facebook what cover song they would want to hear. I got lots of requests. A lot of Blondie, which I think is really cute. And a lot of Stevie Nicks, which is also really cute. Dolly Parton, Rihanna. Just a grab bag of genres. I think I’m going to do ‘I Want To Dance with Somebody’.

Great idea!

What do you think I should sing?

Ooh, here’s my chance to change history. Well, I just wrote about an old disco gem Dolly did called ‘Baby, I’m Burnin’. You’d be great on that.

I’ll look it up!

Do you achieve an out of body state onstage? Seems like you do.

Kind of. I was talking about this in therapy–there you go–and the therapist was like, ‘Is there a certain duality that’s going on?’ What’s funny is, I can’t tell. But I feel like my personality’s stronger [onstage]. Definitely I’m not sitting at home watching Dateline just screaming showtunes at the TV.

Who are your inspirations?

Mary Poppins has a great hook. I love it. And my number one fashion icon is Mary Tyler Moore. She has the most beautiful head of hair in the business.

But she covers it with that beret [in the opening credits].

And that’s what I’m talking about! I also love ’90s country. I love Reba. People talk about Loretta Lynn and Dolly because they’re songwriters, and they’re amazing, but Reba’s voice is up there with them. Her version of “Fancy” is great!

Agreed. It’s beyond fancy. See you at xl.