Christina Crawford Has More Stories, And Will Tell Them In NYC


In case you haven’t heard (or maybe you did and blocked it out):

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Christina Crawford will descend upon the heart of Manhattan to tell even more harrowing stories about her late mama, the shoulder-padded menace Joan Crawford.

Her show, Surviving Mommie Dearest, “features an award-winning bio-pic documentary covering 100 years of show-biz history and details the turbulent relationship between Christina and her movie legend mother. Complete with film clips and footage from forgotten 1940’s home movies, Surviving Mommie Dearest is slated for a limited run of five performances, during the week of Mother’s Day and will run off-Broadway at the Snapple Theater Center in Manhattan.”

Christina will talk about the abuse she suffered as well as her road to recovery. She’ll also field queries from the crowd, and naturally she will then sign books.

And all the gays of a certain age are currently getting their jackets off the (wooden) hanger and heading towards the Snapple place.

This isn’t their first time at the rodeo.