New G Train Ridership Stats Prove Why a Full Line Review Is Needed ASAP


A few months ago, we learned that the MTA would bow to the demands of everyone and finally take a look at the dreaded G train. You know, the Crosstown Express, the green one, the one that comes whenever the hell it wants. A full line review and decision will come in July and, if yesterday’s news is any sign, there’s no better time for this subway to get a makeover.

Between 2011 and 2012, 2,000 additional straphangers joined the ranks of the G train ridership. This is, of course, due mostly in part to the rise of real estate fortunes in neighborhoods off the line, like Fort Greene, Carroll Gardens, Prospect Heights, etc., etc. The construction of Barclays certainly helped (and will further contribute to these skyrocketing numbers), too.

In a statement to Gothamist, an MTA spokesperson explained the imminency these stats now present:

We will of course use the latest ridership figures as we assess G Line service, but total ridership is only one of the elements we use to determine levels of service. Transit schedules are, in fact, based on ridership through the peak load point of a route at any given time and these measurements are taken a minimum of three times each year. The last time we looked at ridership trends, the level of service on the G was sufficient, but we will continue to analyze.

Not sure when “sufficient” service took place. But, for numerous reasons, be thankful July is just around the corner.