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Brochella! Here Are the Best T-Shirts the Dudes Are Wearing | Village Voice


Brochella! Here Are the Best T-Shirts the Dudes Are Wearing



Credit: Marco Torres

As we mentioned earlier, the bros are freaking bringing it this year! Sure, we all know about the women who wear just about nothing, but the guys are getting exceedingly creative, particularly when it comes to their funny t-shirts. So it’s time to give the men some props for combining humor with style. Here are Brochella’s best t-shirts from weekend one:

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Credit: Marco Torres

We’ve heard his skills in the spooning department are also exemplary.


Credit: Marco Torres

With the lights out, it’s less dangerous. Here we are now, please bring tuna.


Credit: Marco Torres

We’ll be honest — we’re seeing a lot more of the latter than the former at the festival this year.


Credit: Mary Carreon

Foolishly, considering we’d never met, we tried bro-ing this dude. He wasn’t having it.


Credit: Mary Carreon

My boyfriend was freaking pissed when he found out about this.

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Credit: Mary Carreon

Tyrone Biggums in the house!



Credit: Mary Carreon

I’m sure white girls aren’t the only ones who love him.

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