Can We Please Stop Comparing Miguel to Prince?


When you rake in the second-highest ratings for Saturday Night Live this season and Mariah Carey’s gushing about how much she loves you, you know you’re doing something right–and that’s exactly how things went down for Miguel (and Vince Vaughn, too, but c’mon) on the show this week. The addition of harder, grittier, kick-the-doors-down guitars to Miguel’s velvet voice and textbook R&B breakdowns made for a polarizing SNL spot, one that brought about a handful of Prince comparisons on Twitter (we’ll get into that) and some well-deserved attention for the man who gave us Kaleidoscope Dream, that record none of us have been able to get off our mind since last September.

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Launching into a hard-hitting, metal riff-ridden rendition of “Adorn,” Miguel skirted those high notes and made that belt look like child’s play as he soared over the course of Kaleidoscope Dream‘s break-out hit. Additional points go to the guitarist for his incredible O-faces throughout, as I’m sure we can all relate on a Jesus-Christ-Miguel’s-Voice-Just-Impregnated-Me level. I might be coming from a bit of a rock bias in that reverb is my boyfriend, but I thoroughly enjoyed the edge those solos provided and to hear a hit depart so clearly from the popular recording was a refreshing change on the SNL stage. For comparison, here’s the video for “Adorn” in all its straight-up R&B glory.

“How Many Drinks” was up next, and though the slow burn of a start was a bit of a head-scratcher (or head-hurter), it drove straight into the clutches of a frenzied, confusing and yet totally enjoyable perfect storm of soulful crooning and hard shreds. He didn’t hit a single bad note, jagged genre-jumping aside, and that walk-off at the end? That shit was a flawless exit.

So, guys, we have to address something: Miguel and Prince can both give fallen angels a run for their money when it comes to throwing some heavenly high notes out there, but that’s where the similarities end. All because the dude has a haircut you don’t understand and they happen to have the same skin color doesn’t mean they gotta be compared to each other every five minutes. Maybe it’s the guitar, maybe it’s the oozing sex appeal, maybe it’s the questionable sartorial choices, but ah! Just let Miguel be Miguel. He doesn’t have to be Prince, and we like it that way. Here’s what the rest of the Internet had to say, anyway.

Mimi <3s u bb

I don’t think you have ears.

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How the hell did you get Phil Collins out of any of that?!

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A mix of rocking you like a hurricane and killing you softly with his song, I think.


Yes. It’s better here.


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