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Diana Ross Went To See Motown: The Musical?


Luscious legend Diana Ross went to the Broadway opening of Motown The Musical last night, and I have to say when I heard that, I had to stop in the name of love for a second and think about it.

I’m surprised Di’s gotten aboard this soul train! After all, Diana can be prickly about anything involving her incredible visage. I remember her not wanting to see the original production of Dreamgirls–loosely based on the Supremes’ story–because “My life is not an open book” (this despite the fact that the Deena character was pretty sympathetic. Diana should have been thrilled.)

Meanwhile, in Motown The Musical–written by Motown founder Berry Gordy–her character gets a few digs thrown at her sequiny self. One character gets all mad at her antics and reminds Gordy that her name is Diane, not Diana. Later on, Gordy’s character feels betrayed when she dumps him for a bigger-money deal. The biggest (and guiltiest) laugh of the night comes when Gordy tells her, “You’ve been acting your whole life.”

But good for her. This is a big leap forward for Diana, who does best when she goes along with various projects despite any potential gripes.

And maybe she got paid?