Starbucks Is Dropping Their Prices


Not on their latte shmatte chai barista cocoa java lala hotchacha stuff, mind you. I’m talking about their prepackaged coffees.

Starting sometime in May, the price of a 12-ounce bag of the stuff will drop about a buck.

And why are they doing this, aside from sheer noblesse oblige?

For one thing, Dunkin’ Donuts has lowered its prices, and believe it or not, Starbucks and Dunkin’ are in direct competition. (It only seems weird to be because I still think of Dunkin’ as the ratty place I went to way before it developed any serious cache.)

Secondly, an insider says this move might be a reflection of a widening income inequality, and since Starbucks already does well with the high end, they might be catering here to the lower regions with this new price range.

Did you ever think an $8.99 bag of coffee would be a sap to throw at the poor folks? Could you scream?