Hollywood Starlet Reveals How To Get Pregnant


She says, first of all, that you have to make sure you’re fertile at that very moment, of course. Once you know you’re an Easy Bake Oven waiting for a rising soufflé, you then get to work on your man.

If you haven’t been overly sexual with him in a while, you simply get him a little tipsy and do a wham-bang quickie that’s efficient if not particularly memorable. And then you put your legs up on the bedboard and stay in that position all night, so the stuff stays inside you and works its magic. Just stay there, legs akimbo, full of the joyous knowledge that life is fermenting somewhere very dank and dark.

And the starlet is…or rather, was…America’s 1950s sweetheart Debbie Reyolds!

Debs reveals this very pregnancy plan in her new memoir. Scoff all you want, but that’s how Todd, her son with Eddie Fisher, was conceived. I’m guessing Carrie came about with a little less scheming. I hope for Debbie’s sake she maybe enjoyed it a little bit!