The Liverpudlian quartet Clinic have always reveled in mystery, wearing surgical masks at concerts and progressively weirding out their quasi-psychedelic take on indie-rock with each release. This year, though, they went interplanetary with the release of Free Reign II, which is essentially a remix of each song on last year’s Free Reign, sequenced in reverse. The difference is that the sequel contains the original mixes Daniel Lopatin—the man behind electro experimenter Oneohtrix Point Never—made for Free Reign but that the band decided to shelve. The fact that the same acid-washed songs have a heightened spectral depth, the sort that would impress Tim Leary, shows that when they want to be, Clinic are capable of any far-out thing. Tonight, they’ll have the chance to push these songs further to the outer limits. With the Cobbs.

Sat., April 20, 7 p.m., 2013