A cornucopia of sweet ’70s West African funk and disco has poured out over the past few years. And no Western band has exploited that bounty quite like Goat, an enigmatic masked combo said to hail from the village of Korpilombolo (pop. 529) in Sweden’s far northeast. Goat’s sarcastically titled 2012 debut, World Music, contains the bad-ass bumping of nearly forgotten Nigerian acts like Chrissy Zembo Tembo and the Lijadu Sisters—though Goat’s two female singers have more in common with Prince Rana’s siblings than the latter twins. You’ll also hear heavy Afrobeats, crunchy Turkish prog-rock, Lawrence of Euphoria–style Middle Eastern-isms, metallic nastiness, and aspirational transgressions reminiscent of Sun City Girls. Onstage, the band freaks out with the ferocity of a full moon party in the French Quarter.

Tue., April 23, 9 p.m., 2013