Sir Ian McKellen Rags On Margaret Thatcher


And we love him for it.

The Lord of the Rings star, classical stage actor, and activist feels the obits for Maggie Thatcher were a tad incomplete–sort of like mash without bangers. Well, here come the bangers:

“Lest we forget,” writes Sir Ian, “this nasty, brutish and short measure of the third Thatcher administration was designed to slander homosexuality by prohibiting state schools from discussing positively gay people and our ‘pretended family relations.’

“Opposition to Section 28 galvanised a new generation of activists who joined with long-time campaigners for equality.

“Stonewall UK was founded, to repeal Section 28 and pluck older rotten anti-gay legislation from the constitutional tree. This has taken two decades to achieve.

“Pathetically, in her dotage, Baroness Thatcher was led by her supporters into the House of Lords to vote against Section 28’s repeal: her final contribution to UK politics. She dies too early to oppose Parliament’s inevitable acceptance of same-gender marriage.”

And so on. What a steamy cup of British tea, crumpets and all.

The next sound you hear will be me singing a heartfelt cover of “To Sir With Love.”