Word of Advice to Mayoral Candidates: Do Not Hire Staffers Like “Hyman Doodlesack”


If the FDNY social media guidelines enforced a few weeks ago taught us anything, it’s that conducting yourself on the Internet as a government official or affiliate is not really that hard. Just keep the nudity and racism at bay. That’s pretty much it.

Well, one of Bill de Blasio’s staffers on his mayoral campaign never read those guidelines. Anthony “Tony” Baker, under the Twitter pseudonym “Hyman Doodlesack,” resigned this week after being exposed by the New York Post for tweeting some pretty ridiculous sentiments.

Here’s one for the record books: “In BKB Park today taking in the Sun (GOD) + signing copies of my new book, Was Columbus a Homo or Was He Just a Jew? NOW in KINDLE #pride.” And here’s another: “@BilldeBlasio Boy I love that f–king Dude, Bill de Blasio, and I can’t wait for him to kick Speaker Quinn’s bony ass in ’13. #winning.”

Obviously, the candidate was a little pissed to find this out.

“Nothing can excuse anti-Semitic remarks and vulgar insults about women. I am disgusted and shocked by these outrageous comments,” de Blasio said.

Baker was hired as an administrative assistant for de Blasio’s office and doubled as a volunteer for his mayoral campaign. This is the second run-in with a dumb staffer for the Public Advocate. Last month, another staffer Kicy Motley was knocked off the campaign too for tweeting a few “F*** the police”-like things.

This should be a lesson for the candidates here on it. You’re entering a race in 2013, a year when social media dominates virtually every conversation. Make sure everyone on you and your entire team realizes that.