Anti-Quinn Coalition Takes Its Campaign to the Streets


Two weeks after making news with a television advertisement attacking Christine Quinn, the “anyone-but-Quinn” coalition NYC Is Not For Sale is taking their message out into the streets of New York.

Yesterday the campaign set up outside six subway stops across the city, handing out plastic cigars and recreating the smoke-filled room, depicted in the TV ad, in which they say Quinn makes secretive political deals.

Outside the Union Square subway stop, members of the campaign also urged passers-by to sign a satirical petition calling for the further extension of term limits to allow four consecutive terms. They also handed out leaflets criticizing Quinn for obstructing and weakening the living wage and sick leave bills, pushing through the legislation that allowed Mike Bloomberg to serve a third term as mayor, and opposing a bill that requires pet stores to have fire-prevention sprinklers.

Yesterday afternoon in Union Square, it appeared that plenty of New Yorkers are sympathetic to the group’s criticism of Quinn. Many people agreed to let the Quinn opponents film them talking about why they don’t like Quinn — footage that the campaign says it will edit and post on its website soon.

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