My Casting Ideas For Pippin The Movie


Completely unsolicited, of course. But since Harvey Weinstein is pursuing getting a film of the 1972 Fosse/Schwartz romp about the medieval search for meaning made–just as a revival has hit Broadway (see above)–I figured I might as well offer my suggestions.

For the ever-searching male lead, they need to hire Eddie Redmayne, who can do earnest and who can sing.

His leading lady, Catherine, must be the talented Anne Hathaway, who has the playfulness, the voice, and the charm. (Sorry, haters.)

His stepmother, Fastrada, would be well served by the quirks of Helena Bonham Carter, who’s in every musical anyway, so why not this one?

Leading Player should be a sardonic Kanye West. No, really.

And for granny, obviously the indomitable Betty White.

You’re welcome.