NYPD to Officers: Don’t Hate on Gingers


We’re still looking for the NYPD tapes that capture ginger hate on audio.

In a New York Post “exclusive” yesterday, it was reported that Manhattan’s Boys in Blue have recently sent out an internal memo, informing co-workers that it is not okay to discriminate against officers with red hair. As you may have seen on South Park or YouTube, redheads are basically second-class citizens; it is rumored that they have no soul and generally should be held at a lower regard in comparison to the rest of the human race.

No one is legally attacking the NYPD for discriminating against gingers, nor have there been any reported instances of late where a redhead officer made headlines (yet). Regardless, the NYPD has stated that the memo reflects the federal law in place, which implies that these instances of discrimination have happened under the radar.

Technically, the higher-ups do have a point. The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has held that gingers, given their regional ties to Anglo-Saxon lands, can be classified as a ‘certain racial group.’ Yes, there are Caucasians, there are African-Americans, there are Hispanics, and there are gingers.

Now that the NYPD has covered internal discrimination, we can move on to the external …