Reese Witherspoon: Don’t You Know Who I Am?


Reese Witherspoon resorted to that weary old shtick the other morning when her hubby was picked up on a DUI and she was asked to get back into the car and stop being unruly.

“Do you know my name?” Reese asked the officer, according to the police report. The officer didn’t care what her name was. He was just doing his job.

And the Oscar winner now joins the long list of show biz types who’ve tried to pull rank in a way that’s embarrassing for two reasons: (1) Having to say “Don’t you know who I am?” emphasizes the fact that the person that’s addressed to doesn’t have any idea (or maybe has an inkling but not enough to make a difference). (2) That approach makes it seem like the celebrity thinks they’re somehow above the law or that they’re so powerful they’ll wage some wicked vengeance on a cop for daring to pull over a drunken driver. “Don’t you know my name?” implies that they will use their immense power to circumvent legal action.

In any case, Reese has since done the right thing by releasing a statement saying she’d had one drink too many and is rather embarrassed about the things she said. That’s my…what’s the name?…Reese!