It Takes a Man and a Woman, Extremely Bland and Incredibly Lobotomized


Unless you speak Tagalog, chances are you’re not well versed in the on-again, off-again, tepidly romantic escapades of twentysomething Filipino media mogul Miguel “Miggy” Montenegro (John Lloyd Cruz) and former executive assistant Adelaida “Laida” Magtalas (Sarah Geronimo), as seen in 2008’s A Very Special Love and 2009’s You Changed My Life. The final leg of director Cathy Garcia-Molina’s exceptionally broad, partly English-dubbed cockles-warmer of a trilogy outright apes Hollywood rom-com formulas with a personality so affably lobotomized it wouldn’t dare frighten delicate tastes. Suddenly the black sheep of his family’s empire due to a poor investment two years prior, Miggy is demoted to mere top dog of Flippage Publishing, a magazine company that produces glossies called Bachelor and New Girl. Back into his life walks his once-meek ex Laida, now a couture-clad Condé Nast wannabe, and the two are inexplicably forced to work together to broker a merger with another mass-media conglomerate, much to the exasperation of generic editors and queeny fashion-world stereotypes. To complicate matters, or at least pad the running time, Miggy has been dating another of his employees, but maybe he’ll still marry Laida someday after flying to New York together on business and wooing her with Ricky Martin impressions in Times Square.