With its imposing sculptures, stained-glass windows, and 1925 Wall Street bank façade, the Metropolitan Museum’s Charles Englehard Court might be just a little too on-the-nose, America-wise. On the other hand, what better venue for the latest Dan Deacon-struction (if you will) of our national values? With one foot in the academy (he counts Reich, Riley, and Cage as major influences) and the other in the rave tent, Deacon mashed together the best and worst of us in the high-intensity beats and often ecstatic, minimalism-inspired bleeps of his recent America. The new multimedia work he presents for the first and only time tonight combines live and electronic sounds, light show, video projections, and events triggered by this free-wheeling communitarian’s willing audience.

Sat., April 27, 8 p.m., 2013