For all Sarah Silverman’s jokes about vaginas and poop — her self-proclaimed area of expertise—we love this former bedwetter because when it comes to politics, she’s got the singular ability to be serious without ever actually having to act serious at all. Her 2008 project The Great Schlep encouraged young Jews to visit their elderly grandparents in Florida (or threaten to withhold visits) in order to wring out votes for Obama, and her farewell tribute to George Bush praised all the idiotic things that Dubya didn’t do in office . . . like punch a giraffe. Much gratuitous Matt Damon–fucking and more than two decades in stand-up later, her faux-naive persona has become a staple on the comedy scene. Tonight, she revisits her stage act at the Wellmont Theatre in New Jersey.

Fri., April 26, 7 p.m., 2013