Anne Hathaway Would Have Been Perfect For Cabaret


Yesterday, it was announced in a British paper that Oscar winner Anne Hathaway would be Sally Bowles in a Broadway revival of Cabaret, costarring Alan Cumming as the MC, the role he played last time around.

Theater queens rejoiced in the street while singing “Tomorrow Belongs To Me,” but it turned out not to be true. Hathaway’s publicist said the story was purely fictional–as much so as Sally’s wide-eyed, big-lashed dreams of superstardom, I suppose.

And that just sucks.

Last year, Hathaway got a very positive response when she sang songs from Cabaret at a benefit event.

And when I went to the 40th anniversary screening of Cabaret at the Ziegfeld this January, all I could think of throughout was, “Wow, Liza really was great. And Anne Hathaway was born to remake this!”

It’s one of those perfect star/role matchups (even if going up against Liza’s luminous performance might seem a bit challenging). Hathaway has that twitchy vulnerability and the right slightly damaged feeling wrapped up in an appealing veneer, and she can act, sing, and be divinely decadent too. The mix of warmth, humor, pain, denial, and pizzazz is just the kind of thing she can pull off with ease. She should be Sally!

Alas, it’s not going to be–at least not right now. Maybe Hathaway will go back to the Judy Garland biopic that’s been buzzed about for years, traversing from Liza to Judy.

Or maybe she’ll do neither, as I sobbingly sing, with mud on my face, “I dreamed a dream….”