That Horrible “Crazy Busy” Syndrome


In a mass email, promoter Daniel Nardicio points out what a cliché it is that people run around saying how “crazy busy” they are all the time. It’s not enough to say one’s simply busy these days–you have to add “crazy” to it for effect, so you can impress everyone with how incredibly popular and/or successful you must be.

Most of these people are probably only busy because they don’t know how to prioritize their time, so they get caught up in inane activities without really producing much despite the “crazy business.” Some of them are probably just plain lying, using “crazy busy” as a shield against any glimmers into the reality of their lugubrious lives. I’ve even fallen into that verbal trap myself, telling people I’m “crazy busy” mainly because I don’t know what else to say when they ask “How are you?” and also because I want to impress them with how vital and amazing my life is. (Though I really am crazy busy. Sort of.)

Well, Nardicio has fought back. He’s started telling people “I’m not busy at all. I have huge swatches of free time with nothing to do.”

Or when they say they’re crazy busy, he reacts like they’ve told him something devastating. “Oh my God, I am SOOO sorry,” responds Nardicio, instantly deflating their amusing attempt at bragging.

But I have my own approach. Next time we hear that horrid “crazy busy” phrase, I think we should probably say “Oh, then you’d better scurry along with your crazy-busy life. Surely you don’t have time for idle chit chat.” Agreed? Good.

Thanks for taking time out of your crazy busy schedule and reading this.