Big Stars In Guys and Dolls Remake! Let’s Complete The Casting


Fox is planning to do another movie version of the classic Runyonesque musical comedy Guys and Dolls, and reportedly they want Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Leviitt for the male leads. (I imagine Tatum would play gambler Sky Masterson, essayed by Marlon Brando in the 1955 film version, while Gordon-Levitt would be the lovable schnook Nathan Detroit, played by Frank Sinatra, who was actually desperate to play Sky, especially since Brando sang like a Hoover vac backing up.)

But what about the female leads?

Naturally, I have some ideas.

As Sarah Brown, the starchy Save-a-Soul girl who melts for Sky after a few drinks, obviously they’re going to have to get Anne Hathaway. Sorry to be recommending her for virtually everything these days, but she’s the go-to girl for this kind of thing, and even the haters would be hard pressed to find someone better.

As for Adelaide, the squeaky blonde showgirl who’s getting a cold due to the frustration of waiting so long to get married, I’d suggest either Lady Gaga (who could use a break at this point) or Nina Arianda, the talented Broadway actress, who’d be great, take my woid. (And the other three stars could provide the box office power, so Fox needn’t worry.)

Anyone who disagrees should sit down, you’re rocking my pipe dream.