Luscious Raspberry-Lemon Tarts at Bien Cuit


Who doesn’t love a lemon-custard tart?

When the new Bien Cuit debuted on Christopher Street, the main difference between it and its parent was the prevalence of new pastries. While FiTR has found the croissant-type items a bit overbaked, so that they all come out too dark, the cookies and tarts are often quite magnificent.

Enter the raspberry-lemon tart, rolling, a recent addition to the pastry list. The truncated cylinder of a crust is shortbread-y and cookie-like, the lemon filling a perfect pucker. Dotted throughout are blood-red raspberry pips. They delight the eye with their spots of color, and add a powerful flavor element to the custard. Amen. Let’s eat.

The crust is made of buttery shortbread.

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