Gore Vidal Didn’t Believe In Sex Mixed With Love


The fiery career of author, historian, wit, and “controversialist” Gore Vidal is chronicled in the documentary Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia, which I just caught (most of) at the Tribeca Film Festival, and which is filled with his bristling observations.

Among Gore’s more provocative utterances, as recorded in the film, is his sense that sex is everywhere and quite attainable, therefore it shouldn’t be allowed to get in the way of friendship, which is extremely precious and important.

“Sex destroys relationships,” states Gore. “Either one or the other loses interest,” and that causes a rift, thereby ruining a perfectly fine union.

I have to say that point of view is extremely jaded, damaged, and unhealthy, and I totally agree with it.

On a whole other topic, Gore is seen saying of President Reagan: “His library burned down. Both books were destroyed. The real tragedy is that he hadn’t finished coloring the second one.”