The Five Most Stressed Out U.S. States


Surely this is an honor New York State deserves, to make up for the fact that Miss New York never seems to win enough national pageants.

But nooo!

The five most stressed out states, according to a new survey, happen to be: West Virginia, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Utah, and Massachusetts.

How can this be? New Yorkers must have been too stressed out to take the survey. What on earth could someone in Kentucky have to be stressed out about? No, wait, I take that back. Yeah, New York is fine.

Anyway, the least stressed out state turns out to be Hawaii, which I also initially found surprising since the time I went there, it was a heinous tourist trap full of nerve-jangling boredom. (But I guess they went beyond Honolulu to find some survey participants. OK, fine.)

By the way, New York did end up getting one honor in this whole thing. We were named one of the five states that experienced the least enjoyment. Now that stresses me out!