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Tony Nomination Predictions! Come And Get ‘Em!


The nominations for the Tonys will be announced tomorrow, as anyone with a Playbill collection knows.

For some educated guesses as to who the chosen will be, here are the predictions that have been ventured by myself and some other esteemed theater scribes who sit still for a living.

As I’m sure you’re aware, this is one subject I know very well, and though there will be some wrong guesses, there won’t be very many, I assure you.

(Applause. Standing ovation. Autographs at the stage door.)

And here’s more. On goldderby, you’ll also find a hilarious and wildly informative podcast with me and the site’s Tom O’Neil dishing the Tony race. Even if they turn our discussion into a jukebox musical somday, it couldn’t possibly be any more riveting.