Watch Justine, Rescued East River Beaver, Wade Back into her Bronx River Home


Wait, the East River has beavers? Well, not ones that are supposed to be there. Regardless, the East River is where park rangers found Justine, a sick, starving beaver carried downstream by the current. Justine was then brought to local wild animal rescue organization, Wildlife In Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation (WINORR), which just posted video of Justine being released back into the wild.

According to WINORR’s website, Justine was found by New York City Urban Park Rangers clinging to rocks off of the East River, “suffering from an intestinal blockage and was dehydrated and thin, unable to digest anything.” For the past several days, WINORR, founded by retired Queens firefighter Bobby Horvath and his wife, Cathy, has been posting updates on Justine’s condition, which has steadily improved since she was put on a liquid diet and allowed to roam around a kiddie pool. Over the weekend, the Hovarths released a healthy Justine back into the Bronx River, from which WINORR believes Justine originally came.

Justine’s rescue came a little less than two weeks after the Hovarths worked out a compromise with the Long Island town of Oyster Bay to keep their backyard wildlife rescue operation open. The WINORR team can still work from home, but are looking into other locations, like the Tackapausha Museum, in order to expand long term, according to a statement released on WINORR’s site.