Food Can Be Used To Sell Almost Anything


Christian Louboutin uses fish hooks and $2 cans of sardines to sell shoes that can run as high as $1,400 per pair. What does it mean?

We may be in the Age of Foodism’s twilight, and one of the signs is the outmigration of food imagery into every other field, in many cases used for its positive appeal in order to sell emphatically non-edible products. If you can make your customer’s mouth water, then the sale is apparently made, even if it’s just shoes or hardware. Just ask yourself, would a supermarket put blouses in the window to advertise groceries? Here are some recent food-related shop windows FiTR has encountered, and thoroughly enjoyed.

Just where would you go to buy props like that?

This retailer finds marshmallows a cost-effective way to draw the public’s attention to the store.

Exploiting the popularity of pig among foodies, but also illustrating the old expression, “when pigs fly.”

Clothing and housewares chain Anthropologie often uses food-themed windows to draw customers inside…

…but when you look more closely, the food is often cunningly made of paper!

Look at other examples of Foodism Run Amok.