House Of Cupcakes Has Opened In The Village! Enter!


From a bake shop in Princeton, New Jersey (which won the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars in 2011), House of Cupcakes has now become a chain of yummy wowness.

A branch just opened at 101-Seventh Avenue South (212-255-7102), with Bronx and East Brunswick shops coming faster than you can say “oink”.

And I can’t urge you to run to the Village one fast enough.

My writer/photographer friend Frankie C dropped by and had (between us) an Espresso Brownie cupcake, a Mint Chocolate chip one, and a Carrot Cake one, and they all were creamy, tangy, and clearly stuffed with top-notch ingredients that spelled “yum” in my tum.

For $2.95 a pop, they also have fruity ones (Key Lime Burst, Strawberry Shortcake), floral ones (Hydrangea Bloom, Summer Hibiscus), and guilty pleasures (Candy Cup, Peanut Butter Cup)–in fact, there are 37 signature favors, and you can also personalize them with a photo or a message, or order specialty cupcakes for an engagement, anniversary, or just plain pigout.

Once word gets out on this place, Magnolia might start to feel a little wilting action. Can’t wait to get a dozen Hazelnut Crepe cupcakes, personalized with the message “I’m a pig and I’m not ashamed about it that much.”