John Catsimatidis Yells ‘Bullshit!’, Says He Could’ve Beat Obama


As we know from our past interviews with him, John Catsimatidis is a man of many words. The Greek-born billionaire and Republican hopeful, who’s sworn that he’ll be a mayor “for Harlem and for Wall Street,” is quite verbose when it comes to his thoughts/feelings/emotions.

So this is a type of headline we should get comfortable with going forward into this mayoral race.

On Sunday, the Brooklyn Young Republicans collected into a pub’s back room in Cobble Hill. And Catsimatidis was there. An audience member named Frank Russo, who’s also the president of the Brooklyn Tea Party (yup, this exists), asked the candidate if his plan for public-private partnerships for vocational training in schools was a scam. Apparently, that was one step too far for the Gristedes entrepreneur.

“Bullshit! Go bullshit yourself, if you want!,” Catsimatidis bellowed. “The program is to teach these people the ability to earn a living. OK?”

Russo told the Daily News that he wouldn’t be voting for Catsimatidis anymore.

Soon after, the former Romney SuperPAC donor dove into federal policy and its trickle-down effect on the city. So, naturally, it was time to discuss hypothetical 2012 situations if Catisimatidis was able to run for the White House, barring the born-here provision.

“I’m running for mayor, I can’t run for president!” he said. “But let me tell you something, I would have won. I could have beat Obama. Buy me a box of Kleenex.”

As we said before, get used to it. November is still half a year away.