Ellen Page Brings Video Games Out Of The Closet


It’s no longer shameful for a major celebrity to be involved with a video game.

Ellen Page appeared at the Tribeca Film Festival the other night to show 35 minutes of footage from Beyond: Two Souls, the PlayStation 3 epic she stars in, and it was all upfront and proud.

A video game was in a film festival! It’s considered sort of art! And Page and the other creatives involved in the project talked at length about their artistic journey and collaborative challenges and so on and so on, as if they’d worked on Chekhov.

Having seen the footage, I can say that Page plays Jodie, who is chronicled for 15 years of her life, and there are scenes involving twilight-type people, birth-giving, and Page singing a Beck song.

And when you get around to playing this game when it’s available, remember that it’s officially art.

But considering how long and lavish the whole 10-hour thing is, I’m sure there was some very lovely dinero dangled as well!