NYU Silver School of Social Work Advances No Confidence Vote on NYU Prez John Sexton


It’s been a rough semester for the NYU chieftain.

The tensions between the school’s faculty and president John Sexton over the NYU 2031 expansion plans and decision-making procedures has reached a boiling point. The story was depicted in full with our profile by Nick Pinto two months ago on the Washington Square drama. Soon enough, and in true parliamentarian fashion, the faculty of College Arts and Science voted no confidence in John Sexton, leaving the rest of NYU’s individual schools to make up their minds on the ongoing controversy. Aside from that, the school’s clerical workers have also advanced a no confidence vote.

But, on Monday night, the first academic move since has been made, this time by the NYU Silver School of Social Work. In a 16-12 split with 9 abstaining, the Silver faculty, made of 52 full-time professors, decided to hold a no confidence vote on Sexton in coming weeks.

The group known as Faculty Against Sexton’s Plan (or FASP) was the first to report on the motion, shooting out emails to staff and student publications alike. In response, administrative spokesperson John Beckman had this to say to the university blog, NYU Local:

“The University administration has been and will continue to work closely with faculty members in the School of Social Work to understand and respond to their concerns. We have taken important strides to ensure faculty involvement in NYU’s decision-making, and will continue to do so. John Sexton will continue to meet with and talk with faculty as he has all along, and will continue to pursue a thoughtful exchange of ideas on how to build on NYU’s success.”

Looks like this drama is only getting started.