The Best And Worst Commentators On Jason Collins’ Coming Out


When NBA center Jason Collins announced that he’s seven-feet, black, and gay, I knew there would be some extremely memorable responses, both pro and dumb.

Among the worst of all was ESPN sportscaster Chris Broussard‘s rant about how Collins is a sinner, according to the bad book, I mean good book. “If you’re openly living that type of lifestyle, then the Bible says you know them by their fruits,” Broussard explained, with a rather dubious choice of words.

Anyway, Broussard then clarified that he’s not against Collins playing in the NBA and will actually cover him fairly. Mighty big of him.

On the plus side, our dear President made those wonderful remarks about how he’d talked to Jason and “I told him I couldn’t be prouder,” adding that the athlete’s courage helps bring progress further and is totally inspiring, thank you, thank you.

But then came a report about how Fox News treated the whole subject. Not very well, if at all, it turns out! Perhaps unsurprisingly, they gave the story minimal play on their channels and site. What’s more, Fox News radio reporter Todd Stames greeted the revelation with the wisecrack that “the NBA is turning into Glee.”

OK, so there’s ONE out gay athlete after decades and decades of secrecy and lies, and they’re gong into panic about how the gays are taking over?

See what we have to go through?