“Lil B Saved My Life”: A Letter About Our 4Knots After Party Headliner


On Tuesday, as you’re no doubt aware, we announced that enigmatic and prolific Bay-area rapper Lil B will headline our official 4Knots after party with special guests of his choosing. Shortly after that, for the uninitiated, we posted “The Complete Guide to Understanding Lil B,” which is just what its title proclaimed: a comprehensive unpacking of the complicated world of the Based God. The post was written by Drew Millard, a man with certified Lil B credentials and an all around Based (read: posi) dude. Shortly after the guide went live on our site, Drew got an email from an extremely appreciative Lil B fan. “Lil B saved my life,” the email said. It was written by a young man named Mike. It’s pretty uplifting. So too is … the six minute plus tribute song Mike wrote about Lil B, “Thank You Based God,” a YouTube of which he also included in the email. With his permission, both are included here. Read the letter and listen to the song after the jump. SWAG!

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Lil B Article

Hi Drew!

This is a 6 minute tribute song I wrote about/for Lil B! It’s very intellectual-y, epic and personal. I wish I would’ve been able to send it to you for your article. I hope you like it!

I really felt sentimental reading your guide to Based World. It’s always nice to read an article that resonates with what makes me love Lil B so much–instead of just trying to poke fun at him.

I started listening to Lil B after my ex-girlfriend and I had an abortion back in 2008. We were constantly fighting, getting back together, etc. It was obviously a dark time and I was living in a shitty 1 bedroom with a radiator on the ceiling, bars on the windows, and a stove leaking gas.

In a lot of ways, Lil B saved me. Somehow I got lost in his surrealistic world of MySpace freestyles.

As I got more and more hooked, I related to him more as a punk rock DIY artist (nobody ever questions why Lil B has 80 million YouTube views but never checks that box to put ads in front of his videos). The world he’s created for himself is just something that I’ll always feel inspired by and connected with. Because it’s a world that affirms it’s okay to be different.

I hope you enjoy my song! Thanks again so much for writing the article! I imagine you will be getting a lot of #based support.

Much love,

Thick Red Wine

“Thank You Based God”:

That “Thick Red Wine” business is Mike’s performance name. His debut album can be heard/downloaded here. The free download to “Thank You Based God” is here.

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