Mars Bar Location Becomes 12-Story Luxury Apartment Building


As many longtime tenants on the Lower East Side say goodbye to beloved dive bars, others will be privy to living in a luxury residential building on the very same corner that used to house Mars Bar. The Wall Street Journal reported that nine tenants who live in two small walk-up buildings on Second Avenue and First Street struck deals to buy “cooperative units in a new 12-story building,” which will be known as Jupiter 21. These residents paid the jaw-dropping price of $10 per apartment.

Mars Bar closed after disputes with the Department of Health, and the building was knocked down to make room for Jupiter 21, which according to the WSJ was named after the planet because “Jupiter follows Mars” in the solar system. Needless to say, the clientele of the old Mars Bar might roll over in their graves (or tenement apartments) upon hearing this news, but there’s more: Other apartments in the building have price tags that will range from $3,000 to $10,000 a month.