Check Out The Gatsby Clothes On Display At The Prada Store


I don’t usually swirl around fashion boutiques any more than I go baseball games, but when there’s a movie tie-in, I’m there.

And I must say the clothes that Miuccia Prada designed for The Great Gatsby–on display at the 575 Broadway store–are fully worth crawling down that store’s scary staircase to see.

They’re colorful and swirling and period-perfect yet totally imaginative. They’re everything society party clothes should be, especially if you have a budget and are terribly, terminally chic.

I’ve included David Valinskiy‘s wonderful photos of the gowns, but it’s worth seeing the stuff in person at the store. It’s free.

And if you insist on buying something, there are some Gatsby-esque items for sale, including a shimmery crystalline number that’s only $20,000!

Fab! I might buy a few–after I go to a baseball game.