Christina Crawford: Mommie Dearest Killed Her Last Husband


I’ve written about how at an event years ago, Christina Crawford suggested that mommie dearest Joan Crawford killed her last hubby, Pepsi head Alfred Steele, but Christina didn’t get to elaborate as to just what she meant by that.

When I cornered her after her talk to ask for some expansion on the horror she’d hinted at, Christina–signing books at the time–replied, “I’m doing this now.”

Well, last night I saw her show Surviving Mommie Dearest, which includes a documentary with Christina telling stories about Mommie’s manic manipulations and abuses, then coming out to field a few questions from the audience. And she elaborated.

And what she said effectively wiped away what all the apologists have conjectured for years–that mommie merely drove Steele to a heart attack by making him batty and anxious. Oh, no, kids. It’s way worse than that.

In the doc, Tina describes how Steele was found dead at the bottom of the grand stairway in the house.

“I didn’t believe it was an accident,” she asserts, knowingly.

“I know what Mommie was capable of in a state of rage.”

Eek. She was implying Joan was a real-life villainess fresh out of the type of film noir Joan often played the heroine of. Mommie did like to push, after all.

“There was no autopsy,” added Christina, austerely. “He was cremated.”

Holy shit.