Only a Giuliani Could Make The Halloran Situation Even Weirder


It was a story that enraptured headlines for the entire week, involving the FBI, business interests, moles and all the other classic characters in political scandal. Last month, Queens Councilman Dan Halloran was caught in cahoots with State Senator Malcolm Smith in a scheme to rig the Republican race for the party’s mayoral nominee. If convicted, Halloran wil face huge fines and possible time behind bars.

Oh, he’s also an avid pagan and a Tea Party brigadier. Our profile on him from a few years back can tell you all about that.

So yesterday, when he announced that he’d not seek re-election, there was not one person that said to him or herself, “What?! Why?!” No one really expected him to run for office again, right?

In a press statement, Halloran put his priorities in order: “Regrettably, I must now focus my attention on clearing my name and restoring my reputation, while I continue to discharge my sworn duties as a member of the New York City Council.”

Given every story about him ever, that’s probably a good idea.

So, now, we have an empty Council seat in the middle of a heavily Republican area in Queens, left behind by an embattled pagan who’s currently in court for bribery. How can this situation get any weirder? When in doubt, add a Giuliani into the mix.

Plans are in the work for Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor’s second cousin who shares the exact same name, to seek Halloran’s void. Sources confirmed to the Post that old Rudy told young Rudy that he’d “do everything he can to get him elected if he decides to run.” The relative is expected to announce his candidacy in coming days.

And when he does, it will confirm the fact that this is the weirdest Council race of the year.