What The Cool Kids Are Saying About Anthony Weiner


You hear a lot of buzzing about Anthony Weiner‘s possible return to the game–some pro, some horrified–but I have to admit I’m quite OK with it.

Yes, sexting his noodle was indiscreet and trying to cover it up the whole thing was wrong, but by now Weiner’s certainly been repentant enough, and besides, it was hardly a horrible crime in the first place.

But others are being harder on the guy, if not for the expected reasons.

No, they’re not saying “He should never have sexted his weiner.” Au contraire! They feel he didn’t go far enough!

One performance artist told me the other night, “Weiner didn’t even have the guts to fuck the women! What a wuss. I would have respected him more if he went all the way.”

An interesting take–which basically amounts to, “If you’re going to be indiscreet, don’t be half assed about it. Fuck up in a big way.”

Then she added, “Of course the women would have never fucked him anyway. He’s gross.”

That’s where I had to differ. I think Ween-Ween is totally H-O-T hot, and I haven’t even seen the sexts.