Flo, The Progressive Girl Has Over Five Million “Likes”


I’ve never mentioned Flo, the Progressive Girl–the upbeat cashier with the retro hairdo, played by comic Stephanie Courtney in those insurance commercials–mainly because she’s always lurked deep in my consciousness as someone who’s on constantly, but who never really (cash-) registered for me, not the way Mother Nature, Clara Peller, the Dell Dude, or even Josephine the Plummer (who she’s been compared to) did in a big way for years.

I just don’t get the girl. She’s kind of almost funny, sort of kinda appealing, but not quite there for me–though she’s always there, every time you turn on the tube at any hour imaginable, with her post modern grin and popping eyes.

And everyone else clearly finds her a scream, since she’s been on for five years now and has upped the brand into the stratosphere thanks to dozens and dozens commercials which are all different, yet all completely the same, leading to the reaction, “Oh, there’s what’s her name. For whatchamacallit product. She’s still on?”

What’s more, Flo’s Facebook page has over five million likes and is filled with sardonic comments about stress, the color purple, scrunchies, “hump day” for camels, and other things that make American living urgent.

And I like it. Make that five million and one, because I could skim her page all day and get off on the goofy ideas and nutty observations. It’s a fun read and I have to admit I’d rather go inside Flo’s head than have to look at it one more time.

Maybe Flo should just be a Facebook page? That would truly be progressive.