Lucky Cheng’s Slapped With Violations! Owner Responds


It’s just temporary, I’m sure, but the drag restaurant Lucky Cheng’s–which moved to West 52nd Street last October–might have some more offensive things going on than potential bad lipsynchs.

I passed by the place the other night and saw a sign in the window saying the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene had closed it, along with that dreaded “Grade Pending” sign.

I looked up the boite on the Health Department’s site and found that it has racked up 41 violation points, including things involving temperature, plumbing, flies, and rodent-proofing.

What a drag.

But owner Hayne Suthon has a response for me.

Says she: “Everything was fixed that night and the manager and chef went to the Department Of Health in the AM with proof of compliance. But because I’m in New Orleans, I could not fill out the necessary paperwork to get it reopened on Friday. I have an attorney working on this.”

So don’t take off your cha cha heels just yet.