My Thoughts On Chris Christie’s Weight Loss Surgery


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently had a band placed around his stomach to reduce its size so he wouldn’t eat so much, which certainly can work, though it seems like a rather extreme way to lose weight.

How about just eating less and exercising?

The craze for altering the size of one’s stomach makes me wonder about other misguided approaches to solving health problems that quacks can come up with to lure patients’ business:

*Your eyes are running? Easy. Surgically remove them so they can’t run anymore! Problem solved.

*Your nose is always phlegmy? Surgically cover your nostrils with more skin, so the stuff can’t come out. If it backs up, maybe it’ll come out your back door and no one needs to know about that.

*Your butt is leaking. All right, I guess someone would have to know about this. But what to do about it? Covering it would cause problems. I know! Move it to your forehead and just have lots of tissues ready.

Or how about just dealing with each issue through a specialist who can get to the root of the problem without just banding and stapling things shut? Then again, I’m eyeing some cookies right now and seriously thinking about going to Staples to prevent a disaster.