In Tony Richardson’s Mademoiselle, a stony-jawed Jeanne Moreau tenderly lifts the eggs from a bird’s nest, only to crush them in her fist—just because. And that’s not all. She also flings open floodgates, poisons the water supply, and indulges in large-scale arson. Based on Jean Genet’s short story, the 1966 noir concerns this mysterious sociopath who, like an evil Disney princess, wreaks havoc on her provincial French hamlet. When an Italian carpenter comes to town, the mademoiselle in question plays off villagers’ prejudices in order to frame him for her dirty deeds—that is, after she and the foreigner engage in a steamy sadomasochistic affair. Richardson’s creative lighting tells half the story; during one scene involving a tryst in the grass, Moreau is enveloped by the man’s shadow, evil hidden in plain sight. A professed favorite of Patti Smith, this dark cult film plays tonight only as a part of BAM’s ongoing series “Booed at Cannes.”

Tue., May 21, 4:30 & 9:30 p.m., 2013