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I Sang On The Pippin Cast Album


No, it wasn’t exactly a solo. Or a featured bit. Or even the usual ensemble.

I was part of a massive chorus of 300 or so people singing harmony behind Tony nominee Andrea Martin on her big song “No Time At All.” And we soared!

This was done in an uptown hall yesterday, as presided over by Time Out NY‘s Adam Feldman, and it was as joyous an experience as the production (and this particular song) itself.

Composer Stephen Schwartz helped guide us, instructing us to smile as we sang because that creates a brighter sound–and it totally worked! I’ve been smiling and singing ever since.

After one of the takes went pretty flawlessly, Andrea Martin asked, “Are there any Mormons here? It sounds like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!”

Yeah, if it was filled with out gays, theater queens (of both genders), and other wonderful New York types.

After this experience, I now think the entire world should be put into arenas and made to smile and sing along:

“Oh, it’s time to start livin’/Time to take a little from the world we’re given….”

Come on. Sing, people!